Fruit tips

How to choose a pineapple


A field of ripe pineapples ready for picking at Pinata Farms, Wamuran
Our pineapples are sold ripe and ready to eat. Growers taste test them for ripeness before picking.

Did you know Piñata pineapples are ripe and ready to eat – even with a green shell?

Our pineapples are tested for ripeness in the field and picked when ready. Our expert growers look for the right colour, texture and sweetness by choosing one or two pineapples in a row to taste. If they are at the peak of ripeness, then the whole row is ready to pick.

Pineapples do not continue to ripen after picking, so when our pineapples arrive in store a day or so after being hand picked in the field, they are ready to eat.

Buy pineapples with fresh-looking skin and a sweet, pleasant aroma. Eat within seven days – the fresher the better. Enjoy!