Versatile BerryWorld raspberries are large and plump with a conical shape. They are classically raspberry red and glossy.


BerryWorld raspberries are exclusive varieties bred by the BerryWorld Plus breeding programme in Europe. Only Piñata Farms has the rights to grow these varieties in Australia. The first commercial crop for BerryWorld Australia was launched in January 2018.

Growing regions

Like all BerryWorld varieties grown in Australia, raspberries are produced under protected cropping conditions at Stanthorpe from summer to autumn.

Our raspberries are grown in substrate (coconut coir) in pots and trained on upright trellises for support and to enable easy picking.

We specifically chose varieties suited to a range of growing regions so we could produce a crop from summer – when consumers expect to find raspberries in store – until autumn, to keep raspberry lovers smiling until winter.

In time, our crop will be produced in various Australian growing regions chosen specifically to allow us to extend our raspberry season.

In season & in-store

BerryWorld raspberries are available from November to May.  All BerryWorld raspberries are hand-picked and packed in the field and distributed within a day. Look for our raspberries in 125 gram clamshell punnets under the BerryWorld label at selected Woolworths stores in Queensland.