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Piñata Farms joins industry campaign


Leading fruit producer, Piñata Farms, has joined the Australian fresh produce industry's health awareness campaign, 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' to encourage Australians to eat more fruit and vegetables in the lead-up to National Nutrition Week (October 11-17).

Pick Right Feel Bright logo
Piñata Farms supports an industry campaign to encourage healthy eating.

Piñata Farms is among the industry's fresh produce growers, processors and manufacturers to participate in 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' Australia-wide. Piñata Farms produces Mareeba gold pineapples and Piñata strawberries year 'round and specialty Honey Gold mangoes seasonally from November to March.

The fresh produce industry has joined forces to create 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' to inspire consumers to pick the right fresh foods to enjoy a brighter future. Nutrition Australia has also joined the ranks to give 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' the launching platform of National Nutrition Week to drive healthy messages, and more fruit and vegetables into the hands of consumers.

National Nutrition Week combines the messaging of 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!' with Nutrition Australia's 'Try for 5' challenge which encourages consumers to eat five serves of vegetables every day.

The campaign will educate consumers that eating more fresh produce, especially vegetables, is possible and will lead to a healthier nation and lower rates of obesity and preventable illnesses.

Australian grown - fresh is best

Piñata Farms managing director, Gavin Scurr, said he was proud to support a campaign which targeted Australia's rising obesity rates.

"We're keenly aware that many Australians are not eating the required amount of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Australian-grown fresh produce is among the safest and best quality in the world and it's readily available – now's the time to eat more and help Australia get healthier," he said.

"It's easy to increase your fresh fruit intake, especially coming into summer when chilled fruit is so refreshing.

"Also, we select which varieties to grow based on flavour attributes so we know our fruit tastes great and is packed with nutrients."

Iconic Australian performers, The Wiggles, are the official ambassadors of 'Pick Right. Feel Bright!'. Renowned for their catchy healthy eating songs which have entertained Australians for over 24 years, The Wiggles will take the healthy choices message to more than a quarter of a million children and their families in Australia and New Zealand.

5 bright ways to eat more fruit - tips from Piñata Farms

  • Assemble a rainbow-coloured fruit platter. Start with slices of Mareeba Gold pineapples fanned around the platter. Intersperse with slices of kiwifruit, wedges of orange and watermelon and top with blueberrres and Piñata strawberries.
  • Halve a Mareeba Gold pineapple, cut out the fruit and dice. Refill the shells with diced pine and whole Piñata strawberries. Sprinkle over fresh mint and drizzle of orange juice for zest.
  • Make fruit kebabs! Alternate whole Piñata strawberries and grapes with wedges of Mareeba Gold pineapple and squares of rockmelon and thread onto wooden skewers.
  • Make fruit popsicles. Dice Piñata strawberries and pineapples with a mix of seasonal fruit, place fruits into a popsicle tray, add a juice of choice and popsicle sticks and freeze.
  • Make your own frozen yoghurt fruity snack. Dip diced Piñata strawberries and pineapples in Greek-style natural yoghurt and freeze.