Piñata pineapples have a sweet and succulent golden flesh with low acidity and a mild, pleasant aroma. Depending on the time of year, the shell colour may vary from green to yellow or orange – but they are always sweet inside. Our pineapples are hand-picked and taste-tested in the field at the peak of ripeness. They do not continue ripening after picking.

Growing regions

Two pineapple growers standing in a field testing pineapples near the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland

Piñata pineapples are grown at Mareeba in tropical north Queensland, at Wamuran in the state’s south-east, and around Darwin in the Northern Territory.

In season & in-store

We are Australia’s largest pineapple producer and the only grower sending fruit to market year 'round.

Piñata pineapples are available in every state of Australia. Look for these at leading supermarkets and independent outlets. They are always sold without their tops.


Pineapples ripen from the bottom up with the natural sugars – or sweetness – progressively rising to the top as the fruit matures. Pineapples convert starches in the plant's base into sugars. A consistent shell colour indicates consistent sweetness throughout the fruit. Ripe pineapples smell fresh and fragrant at the stem end.