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How to cut a Honey Gold Mango


A girl and a boy eating fresh Honey Gold mangoes
Who can resist a Honey Gold mango cheek? Delicious!

Learn the best way to cut a Honey Gold mango, so you get a perfectly cut mango every time!

Step 1

Stand the mango on your cutting board stem end down and hold. Place your knife about two centimetres from the widest centre line and cut down through the mango. Flip the mango around and repeat this cut on the other side to produce two mango "cheeks".

Step 2

Cut parallel slices into the mango flesh, being careful not to cut through the skin. Turn the mango cheek 1/4 rotation and cut another set of parallel slices to make a checkerboard pattern.

Step 3

If you're a slice and scoop fan - simply scoop the mango slices out of the mango skin with a large spoon. If you prefer to go inside out - turn the scored mango cheek inside out by pushing the skin up from underneath, and scrape the mango chunks off the skin with a knife or spoon.