Meet the Piñata Farms' team – where we like to think of ourselves as one big farming family. With Gavin and Stephen Scurr at its heart, the Piñata team includes contracted family farmers around Australia, long-time employees, seasonal workers and the next generation of Scurrs working throughout the business.


Gavin and Steven Scurr standing in a pineapple field on the Wamuran farm testing fresh pineapples

The Scurr family

Brothers Gavin and Stephen Scurr are Queensland fruit farming professionals known for their commitment to product quality and horticultural innovation.  

For many years after establishing pineapple farms at Mareeba, the Scurr brothers and a picking crew travelled 1,000 kilometres north to harvest every season. Eventually, Mareeba became a key growing region, needing Stephen’s full-time management. 

Gavin and Stephen have positioned Piñata Farms as one of Australia’s leading fresh fruit producers, with wholly-owned farms operating from growing regions in two states. Other members of the family work in the business, carrying on the Piñata legacy.

Gavin Scurr and Rebecca Scurr at Pinata Farms, Wamuran

Working at Piñata Farms

Our workforce in Queensland and the Northern Territory ranges from long-time employees who have been with us since the beginning to international backpackers who experience Australian farming life during busy seasonal harvesting periods.  

We provide a safe and happy working environment supported by trained supervisors and first-rate facilities. We know we’ve got it right when our seasonal crews return year after year. 

From our planting, picking and packing teams to the individuals who manage our farms, organise transport logistics, keep farm vehicles in top working order and update our customers on forecasts and volumes - our people are dedicated and professional.


Meet the Team

  • Gavin Scurr
    Managing director

    Gavin Scurr

    Gavin is a seasoned fresh produce grower and industry leader respected for farming innovation and commitment to quality.

  • Stephen Scurr
    NQ Operations Manager

    Stephen Scurr

    Stephen has led pineapple production in Queensland’s north since Piñata Farms became the first to grow pineapples there.

  • I’ve been working here since the 1980s. I can’t imagine a day without seeing a pineapple field.

    - John Maas, Mareeba

  • Chris Jones
    Chief financial officer

    Chris Jones

    Chris manages Piñata's financial performance and assists with business planning, company growth and strategic development.

  • In 1970, I earned 80 cents an hour to work on Dad's pineapple farm. We carried the picked pineapples out on our backs.

    - Geoff Scurr, Mareeba

  • Joe Schwarer
    SQ operations manager

    Joe Schwarer

    Joe oversees three fruit packing lines operating simultaneously and a seasonally fluctuating workforce at the Wamuran packing shed.

  • Richard Stephenson
    Technical manager

    Richard Stephenson

    Richard manages quality, from farm to customer, including product standards, operational systems and certification.

  • Cameron Langford
    Operations and supply chain manager

    Cameron Langford

    Wamuran-based Cameron manages all steps along the supply chain from paddock to supermarket shelf.

  • Tony French
    SQ production manager

    Tony French

    With some six million pineapples under cultivation, Tony expertly leads year 'round pineapple production at Wamuran.

  • Lindsay Hewitt
    Wamuran raspberry farm manager

    Lindsay Hewitt

    Lindsay manages the seasonal production of specialty BerryWorld-branded raspberries at Wamuran.

  • It's important to promote the use of new technologies that make farming smarter and less risky.

    - Gavin Scurr, Wamuran

  • Adrian Dipple
    SQ pineapple farm manager

    Adrian Dipple

    Adrian oversees busy day-to-day operations on nine farms producing fruit on some 120 hectares in the Wamuran district.

  • Linda Davis
    Wamuran strawberry farm manager

    Linda Davis

    Linda oversees the Wamuran farm’s winter strawberry crop cycle from summer bed preparation to winter picking.

  • Rebecca Scurr
    Key account manager

    Rebecca Scurr

    Fourth-generation producer Rebecca manages the sale of pineapples, strawberries, mangoes and specialty berries to national customers.

  • Dean Lindsay
    Maintenance manager

    Dean Lindsay

    Mechanic Dean meticulously maintains our trucks, harvesters, company vehicles, forklifts and farm equipment at four farms in two states.

  • We could see the Honey Gold mango had great attributes and was a brand that was going to go somewhere.

    - Tony Holloway, Giru

  • Anna Zolotar
    Supply chain co-ordinator

    Anna Zolotar

    It's Anna’s job to track, communicate and fulfil ever-changing fruit orders throughout the day and organise transport logistics.

  • Courtney Scurr
    Dispatch and Quality Assurance officer

    Courtney Scurr

    Courtney manages meeting quality specifications and distributing pineapples during the Mareeba season.

  • We saw Honey Gold mangoes as a chance to grow a specialty mango with distinctive eating attributes.

    - Dale Williams, Bowen

  • Bev Halangoda

    Bev Halangoda

    Bev’s role includes financial operations, processing plant orders and handling land acquisitions. She is based at Wamuran.

  • Ben Scurr
    Picking supervisor

    Ben Scurr

    Ben supervises the picking crew during the Mareeba pineapple harvest and works as a mechanic repairing farm equipment.

  • Karen Brooker
    Admin Officer

    Karen Brooker

    Karen performs general administration and reception duties and handles accounts receivable and payroll data entry at Wamuran.

  • The Mareeba climate is one of the best in Australia for growing Honey Gold mangoes due to its nine-month dry spell.

    - Sam Collins, Mareeba