BerryWorld-branded raspberries are grown exclusively by Piñata Farms at Wamuran on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The first raspberry crop was harvested in winter, 2019.

Growing raspberries at Wamuran
Specialty raspberries are produced at Wamuran for BerryWorld.

Growing at wamuran 

Selected varieties which produce plump, super-sweet specialty raspberries are grown in individual pots and trained on trellises. Each plant is watered by drip irrigation, with the exact amount required directed to the roots.


As with all raspberries grown by Piñata Farms, these plants are grown under polytunnels to mitigate weather effects.

Prolific raspberry plants can produce several hundred berries in a season. Because fruit ripens progressively, up to 100 days after planting, pickers visit the crop daily looking for fully red fruit which is firm enough to come away from the fruit with a gentle prising motion. Picking from one plant can occur over several days or weeks.

Extreme care is taken to avoid damaging fragile raspberries and they are placed directly into punnets in the field as an extra precaution.

The Wamuran raspberry crop is produced between April and December and supplements other growing regions including Stanthorpe and Orielton,Tasmania.